Week 3

Week 3: The Spirit-Empowered Life

Bible Study: Through the ‘Six Streams’ in the Life of Jesus


Week 3: The Spirit-Empowered Life


The Holy Spirit is perhaps the least understood member of the Trinity. We can picture the Father

and Son at least in earthly terms, but even metaphors for the Spirit—the wind or a bird—are elusive images. The Holy Spirit is a ‘person’, not an idea. To help us understand a little better, we will take

time this week to look at the role the Spirit played in Jesus’ life and how the Holy Spirit can play an important role in ours. 

This week will be more intensive, so I pray for strength and endurance as you navigate through this

week of study. 

Jesus was the only human born of the Holy Spirit (and the only human that ever will be). Jesus was born through the Holy Spirit and his earthly life was engaged by the Holy Spirit until he returned to God the Father. 

Matthew 1: 18  The Birth of Jesus the Messiah

a)      Why is this information important?

b)     If someone asked you ‘who is the Holy Spirit’? What would you say?

c)      Pray for God to give you the power to know the Holy Spirit better.

Luke 3: 21-22 Jesus being baptized

a)      In his baptism, the Holy Spirit descended like a dove upon Jesus. 

   Why do you think this was necessary?

b)     A voice pronounced “You are my Son, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased.”

   As this was before Jesus began his public ministry, why do you believe it is

   important to know your identity in God before doing your ministry?

Luke 4: 1-14   The temptation of Jesus

a)      Why do you believe Jesus was led into the wilderness?

b)     Do you think fasting and testing in the wilderness attributed to Jesus being “filled

by the power of the Holy Spirit”? How so?

c)      Have you ever felt like God led you into a wilderness season of life? If so, what

was the result?

Matthew 11: 16-19  Rejoicing in the Holy Spirit

a)      What are some characteristics of a spirit-filled joy? Were these defining qualities of Jesus?

b)     Is there a difference in the way Jesus responded to life versus your way of responding

to life?

c)      What needs to happen for your life to reflect Jesus’ joy-filled life?

What other scriptures speak to the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of Jesus?

The Holy Spirit is multi-faceted. Let’s look at scriptures that help us create a vision of the Holy Spirit.

John 14: 15-17  Jesus promises the Holy Spirit

a)      One characteristic is “the Spirit of Truth”. He affirms what is good and pure

and holy. Believers recognize the Spirit because the Spirit lives within. 

What is ‘truth’ and why is it so important?

b)     Jesus said “The truth will set you free”. How is cooperating with truth different than merely knowing the right answers?

John 14: 25-27  The Holy Spirit as Teacher

a)      We learn from human teachers in the classroom or on the job by being attentive

to what they say and do. What are some settings in which we might learn from the

Holy Spirit? How can we be more attentive to the Spirit in these settings?

b)     If we are to listen to the Holy Spirit, what is our responsibility to reading scripture

and theological texts and study?

John 15: 26-27 The Holy Spirit as Witness/Testifier

a)      The Holy Spirit testifies to the truth that Jesus is the ‘good news’ to the world. It is through the Spirit that we hear the good news and believe. We are convicted,

enlightened, and saved through the work of the Holy Spirit. But Jesus tells us that

it is not only the job of the Holy Spirit…it is for us to testify how Jesus has saved us

by the power of God. God could surely do this work alone. Why do you think God has chosen to involve us in testifying about Jesus?

b)     Pray for God to enlighten you as to whom to share the good news with this week. Stay

alert to the movement of the Holy Spirit. It is our job to share…it is the Holy Spirit’s job to move hearts. 

John 16: 12-15  All that belongs to the Father belongs to you

a)      What a treasure we have in the Holy Spirit! God withholds no good thing from us.

All that the Father has belongs to Jesus and Jesus brings that to us through the Holy

Spirit. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to tell the disciples things they weren’t yet capable of hearing. What kinds of things do you think he was talking about? How did they become ready to hear? How might that relate to what the Spirit wants to tell you?

b)     If you wish to create a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit, pray now for your needs. Jesus promised to answer. 

When we allow the Holy Spirit to work in our lives, we become like Jesus. Rather than a dull and sad existence, we express cheer, joy, and delight.  We fulfill our God-given purpose in continuing the work of Christ in healing, encouraging, casting out demons, and boldly proclaiming the Good News to all. Our lives become vital and exciting. 

I leave you with this final scripture to show the excitement that we and those we help can have in the kingdom of God through the Holy Spirit:

           Acts 3:1-10  Peter heals a crippled beggar

May you jump up, praise God, and walk in the Spirit. 


Next week we will look at The Compassionate Life. Grace and peace to you and yours.