Church Teams/Boards @ Members

Here you find a list of our committees with their respective leaders.

The Church Council.

·      Church Council Chair:   Barry Damsky

·      Church Council Secretary:     Carol Bandych

·      Church Lay Leader:    Not Currently Filled    

·      Pastor: Rev. David McKinney

·      Mission & Outreach:     Carol Bandych, Linda Weatherup

·      Technology / Media:     Mike DeZotell

·      Communications / Team Vital:     Cindy Muder

·      Finance Chair:       

·      SPPRC Chair:    Brian Fortuna

·      Trustee Representative:         Ralph Humphreys

·      Intentional Discipleship:       

Church Board & Group Leaders

• Church Council Chair: Barry Damsky

• Church Lay Leader: Not Currently Filled

• Finance Chair:

• Church Treasurer: Sue Bevins

• Financial Secretary: Not Currently Filled

• Trustee Chair: Mike DeZotell 

• SPPRC Chair: Brian Fortuna

• Team Vital Chair: Cindy Muder

• Worship Chair: Rev. David McKinney

• Choir Director/ Organist:Not Currently Filled

• Praise Team Leader:

• Technology Chair: Mike DeZotell

• Communications Chair: Cindy Muder

• Intentional Discipleship Chair:

• Leadership Development Chair: Rev. David McKinney

• Mission & Outreach Chairs: Carol Bandych, Linda Weatherup

• Congregational Care Chair: Rev. David McKinney

• Just Older Youth (J.O.Y.) Chair: Carole Gehrig

• UM Men Leader: Mark Jones

• UM Women Leader: Carole Gehrig

• UM Youth Leader: Jessica Secor, Whitney DeZotell

Board Of Trustees

Ralph Humphreys

Anne Gill-Wood

Shannon Williams

Mike DeZotell

Cynthia Damsky

Hugh Humphreys

Staff Parish Relations

Barry Damsky

Brian Fortuna

Dave Williams

Carl Ciccarelli 

Finance Committee


Financial Secretary: Not Currently Filled

Treasurer: Sue Bevins     

At Large Member: Hugh Humphreys

At Large Member: Dave Williams

Lay Leader:Not Currently Filled

SPRC Chair: Brian Fortuna

Trustee Chair: Cynthia Damsky

Church Council Chair: Barry Damsky

Nominations & Leadership Development Team

Carl Cicciarelli

Theresa Christian

Brett Cook

Michael Diana

Memorial Fund Committee


Treasurer: Shannon Williams

John Smith

Cathy Ford

Linda Weatherup

Worship Team

Chair: Rev. David McKinney

Choir Director:

Praise Band Leader:

Barry Damsky

Cindy Muder

Sue Jones

Brian Fortuna

Matthew Garrabrant

Team Vital

Cindy Muder

Rev. David McKinney

Bob Porter

James Farr

Michael Diana

Cynthia Damsky

Intentional Discipleship


Rev. David McKinney

Cindy Muder

Carl Cicciarelli

Kim Hubbard  

Sue Jones