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Church Opens!

This Sunday, September 6th in-person worship begins at 9:30am. Please Click on the following link to read a letter from Pastor Brad, containing the COVID guidelines for attending worship.

A message from Pastor Brad Chesebro

Training will be required for those volunteering to assist with worship. Ushers and greeters are needed in order to help all of us follow the safety guidelines. Contact the church office if you are able to help. 

Are you unable or do you know someone unable to watch the Live Stream service?

There are now DVD's of the live stream available, for those that have not been able to watch online. These DVD's will be available upon request. Let the church office know if you or someone you know needs a DVD. 

"The pulse" August Newsletter is now available. Click on Newsletter button below.

Phone Ministry Update: Callers Still Needed

I recently sent out an invitation to the congregation to become care providers through our new Phone Ministry. As of today, I have received positive responses from a number of members excited to help in this much-needed ministry. I am so appreciative of the responses that help fill the gap. However, we are still in great need of helpers. Although our church has made the decision to open on Sunday, there will be many that do not feel comfortable sitting in our sanctuary for services. I do not want anyone to miss out on the care that can be provided by a simple phone call each month during this difficult time of separation. My hope is that you will feel God’s call to reach out to your neighbor through this special ministry. We can make the list as large or small as you feel you can handle.

Please consider being part of this important work to bring love and care to one another until we are all together once again.

Deacon Becky

Virtual Zoom Charge Conference

October 29th from 2:30- 4pm

Our charge Conference for 2020 will be online with Flord/Stittsville UMC 

Bible Study: With Deacon Becky "10 Truths About Self-Care"

Join Deacon Becky on the journey of a new Bible Study. For the next 10 weeks, you will focus on a specific truth that will add to your knowledge in creating self-care in your lives. Every Monday a new session will be sent out in email.

  ------ I hope that you follow along with me and find love and self-worth so that self-care becomes a practice in your life. - Deacon Becky

- New sessions are always sent on Monday via email, email church office at if you missed any sessions and would like them re-emailed to you.

Your Church office staff are always praying for you, thinking of you, and missing all of you!

Thank you for reading! Kindest Regards, The Office Staff